All things work together.


I just had to write a quick blog about this amazing day. I am in the little town Sola now, which is home. This is where I took my DTS. I live with all of the girl staff in the same house I lived in last year. It’s so strange to be back but unmistakably right.


Today, I had to go to the police in Stavanger (the city that has jurisdiction in Rogaland county) to get my residence card. I’ve been in the immigration office before and, as you can imagine, it takes quite some time. You should plan to be there for a good part of the day. I took with me a packed lunch and several books in preparation of a long wait. Instead, I was called up immediately and processed within nine minutes of entering the very crowded department. Not only that, but while I applied for a residence/work permit for only 1 year (I had committed to be staff here for 2 and had planned to reapply next year for a permit), I have been allowed to stay in Norway until December of 2014. This was so unexpected for me. I asked the woman if that was correct and she assured me it was. So while I was approved for a one year visa, I am now able to stay in Norway for nearly 2 years straight. I don’t need to worry about the process or cost or suspense of reapplying. I can’t describe the weight that was lifted off of me as I left the police building.

After my success at the police, I returned to Sola and joined everyone in preparation of the school beginning on Thursday--there's a million little things to do. We have been really praying for more foreign students and more guys especially (we have about 15 girls vs. 4 boys and the opposite problem with staff). And, today we officially accepted a last minute foreign guy! We’re so excited! Immediately after this great news, we get word that one of our staff members is being interviewed by Sola’s newspaper about the practical ways we serve the community. He was able to share our heart for the area and therefore, God’s heart and just how we’re serving Him! This is very huge for us...we are in a small town that we really wish to impact but we're a very "young" base and are not well known at all. Getting an interview in the paper like this is such a step for us. And lastly, we have been looking into going away as a whole school for a weekend in the coming months to do some special program and today; we found out that we can use the facilities we really wanted for FREE. 30 people staying in cabins all weekend, for free. The only condition we were given is that we were to pray for the place. To bless it. Can you say "Goshdang!" along with me?

Stavanger sentrum.
Stavanger sentrum.

After today….I feel spoiled, personally and as part of a bigger team here at Rogaland, I just know that God is showing us so much favor! Our 20 students arrive on Thursday and from then on, things will just be crazy busy. I’m pretty nervous as first year staff but I’m more excited. Thank you for all your prayers…don’t stop! Because all you’ve read here is just the beginning of God’s response. Much love.

Walk in the Spirit,