faces + places

Changing gears.

What do Sweden, Mozambique, Israel & Turkey all have in common? The answer is...me! Time to catch up with all the places I've been and the faces I've seen there.

But let's be real--this blog is dusty, rusty, tired and basically unused. I did try this blogging thing. This hip hipster thing. But the reality is, that I'm not a blogger; I'm a photo-taker-ographer. I do like to write, but only really for myself. Writing for other people is very draining and scary for me--something I need to grow in I know. 

So for now, I will grow slowly. I will let my photos speak for themselves, speak for the people in them. I will try to write here as well--but only the authentic, simpleness that I know I can give all the time instead of scraping my soul for a cool story or adventure that will have the perfect balance of inspiration and comfortability. 

This may seem like old news compared to my most recent missions trip to South America or recent engagement to the man of my dreams, but I wanted to post some pictures from some of my more personal travels in the past year. I'll start with two countries--Sweden & Mozambique.

I'll let the pictures speak and if you have questions afterwards, I'm around :)


Zimpeto, Mozambique - Last July, I felt challenged by God to go work with Iris Ministries, a ministry of Heidi Baker in Mozambique. I was unsure why, but I felt very clearly that God really wanted me to go. So, not knowing much, my friend and I headed out for 2 weeks of living, working, serving, playing and experiencing Mozambique and the amazing people and kids there through loving on abandoned children, investing in the missionaries there and more. Many children there enter HIV positive and are "somehow" cured later. Hashtag Jesus! 


Stockholm, Sweden - I went to Sweden in August of last year to meet up with one of my best friends in the whole world, Aubrey Souza, who was on her way back from a 3 month internship in Kenya working with street kids. We were blessed to stay for free with YWAMers. Recording my time there wasn't a priority, but here are a few glimpses. Photos really cannot do this beautiful city justice--the color, the atmosphere. All the young vibes and hip coffee shops and sparkling waterways and "Doom churches". My favorite walks were in the narrow passages of Gamla Stan (Old City), which is directly below.


Walk in the Spirit,