Kate + Brandon | Forever Home Engagement


I loved Kate and Brandon's engagement session for 3 simple reasons: 1. It was at sunset. Enough said, I could just stop here. 2. It was completely focused on who they were as a couple, from being taken at their home, revolving around their favorite tree and barn, to capturing their favorite past time together, which was fishing, and 3. It was just a blast with some really sweet, fun people!

One thing really struck me as Kate and I were preparing at the beginning of the session. Brandon was opening a fence and shooing goats on their sprawling farmhouse property and I was chatting with her about when they bought the place, how beautiful it was, how long they intended to stay. And she ended up saying to me "This is our forever home." Those words just resonated so deeply with me. How beautiful it is to know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, right? Well, how much more beautiful to know not only who but where.