Elizabeth + Kevin's Italian Elopement

April, 2016 | Isle of Capri, Italy

Before you're all like "Wait, what...Italy??", a little background: Earlier this year my husband and I took our dream honeymoon 10 months after our wedding to...you guessed it, ITALY! We took about 20 days to go up and down this beautiful country and it was all that we dreamed it would be and more. The scenery, the wine, the food, the people. It was all perfection. But what made it even more special was the fact that we had some friends join us for part of the journey and possibly to our most beautiful location: the Isle of Capri along the Amalfi Coast. Elizabeth and Kevin are two gorgeous people who have been married for 3 years and after looking at them I guess you can easily see why my mind went...photos. Must do photos. They graciously agreed to model a styled elopement for me, even lugging Elizabeth's beautiful wedding dress across the Atlantic. The flowers? Plucked from whatever we passed. The sunset? Glorious. The Isle? Swoon-worthy on every level! I wanted to do this session and show it off because it exemplifies what I'm best at: adventurous, authentic, natural light portraiture for the wild-hearted.  Enjoy!

I'm happy and proud to offer custom elopement quotes separate from my regular wedding rates and if you're getting married outside of the continental United States, I have a travel discount to offer you. So let's go.