Jessica + Nate | Missouri Summer Wedding

July 8thth, 2017 | Edina, MO

Jessica + Nate’s big day was one of my favorite weddings of the year. Not because it was beautiful (which is was), had perfect weather (which it did) or had fun people all around (trust me, there were lots), but because when I think back on that day I just feel emotion. Left and right, there were just feelings manifested in hugs, laughter and tears. Through it all I was reminded again how precious of a job I have. I literally am documenting moments that in the rush of a wedding day, most of us don’t even remember that we live through. But we want to. Oh man, do we want to.

The pair wed in Edina, MO a small town with a beautiful church and eclectic soul with a throng of family and friends all around. The two opted to keep it traditional, skipping the first look and saving that special moment for the aisle. However Jessica and Nate did write letters to each other and exchanged them with nervous giggles before their ceremony. 

I loved that Jessica’s parents hosted their reception on their land, every little detail and game and dessert hand made and lovingly prepared to reflect the bride and groom’s personalities.

Moral of the story is, Jessica and Nate had a gorgeous and beautiful day that I’m sure many of us would love to relive but instead, to all my future couples I’ll tell you take a page out of their book: have just freaking great time on your wedding day. Laugh, dance, be silly and take it all in. That is all.