Jessica + Nate | Lake Geode Engagement

March 26th, 2017 | Lake Geode, Iowa

I met Jessica and Nate for the very first time at Geode State Park for their engagement session in March. It was super cold but my first impression of these two was their cheerful warmth not just towards one another but towards me and any new adventure. I love it when couples are so open to try things and really make engagements their own and Jessica and Nate did just that. We incorporated the competitive (yet loving) nature of their courtship by playing their favorite games--which I think Jessica won--and a blanket from Truman University where they met. The most memorable and laugh out loud part of this session for me was when I asked them to run towards me--I completely forgot that these two were athletes and highly competitive ones at that. So what I thought was going to be a gentle and possibly awkwardly slow jog, was actually a full on, perfectly coordinated sprint which basically bowled me over. So I'm pretty sure in those photos they're not laughing at anything but their silly little photographer sputtering to get out of their way and it still makes me laugh thinking about it. These two were so up for whatever (my favorite kind of people, in case you were wondering) and I know their wedding this summer is going to be just as lovely and fun as they are. Enjoy!