Maria + Lance | Laguna Beach Elopement

March 22nd, 2018 | Laguna Beach, California

Ahh, here we are again, knowing I need to blog but struggling to write down all the words. It’s not the words that are the problem I guess, it’s more the feeling that I can never find the right ones to sum up a wedding: a day that is hoped for, planned for, longed for, saved for, obsessed over and talked about for-absolutely-ever. How could I dare to “summarize” it? Every year it’s a struggle but I tell myself, hey, I have photos to help me out!

Lance and Maria kicked off my spring wedding season in the best way possible. 

I first connected with Maria via my favorite platform (you guessed it, it’s Instagram). I have no idea how but somehow, some way, Maria stumbled across my account and decided my work held something special for her. I’ll forever be grateful for that coincidence. We began chatting a bit, and I discovered that she was planning her own wedding in Southern California. At first, Maria was planning what we might call a traditional affair. Over time, that evolved into something much truer to who she and Lance area as people: something small, intimate, loving, celebrating their family and an area they love. Which just so happened to be the great beauty that is Orange County, specifically Laguna Beach (I know right, cue swooning!). 

After hearing the details of their small elopement and discussing our perfectly our styles meshed, we knew I just had to be there for their wedding in March. So this little California transplant weathering the worst Iowa winter of all time got the biggest blessing by flying out to CA and photographing one of her first weddings of the year—AT THE BEACH. Yes, yes, thank you Lord. 

Lance and Maria had their first look at gorgeous Fashion Island in Newport Beach (yeah, that wall is a Louis Vuitton store) followed by their short and sweet ceremony at Crescent Bay Park overlooking Laguna Beach with only 12 people in attendance followed by the most amazing, laid back dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach. 

This wedding was so special to me for so many reasons and I’m just gonna list a few because you know, pics. I don’t know if I’ve met nicer, more gracious people than Maria and Lance. They and their family treated me like a lifelong friend all day long and yeah, while it’s nice to shoot a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous place on a gorgeous, 70 degree day, you know what’s even better? Sweet, chill, trusting, real people. The day was honestly filled with so much genuine respect and love without fussing over details that didn’t matter that it kinda wanted to make my heart burst. I’m forever grateful for a random Insta-connection (better hashtag that one) that brought Maria and Lance, their family and their wedding across my path and I know I’ll always look back on these photos with a huge smile.