Kind words from the raddest people around.

We loved working with Melissa for our engagement and wedding photography! I love that Melissa comes with ideas and plenty of inspiration for each individual session, the images she develops are unique to each couple. I love that! Melissa also played a huge role in making sure our big day ran smoothly, keeping us on time for the ceremony and reception.
— Kaylea + Cowan, October 2018

I don’t think I could put enough kind words into this review to do justice to Melissa. To say she exceeded our expectations is an understatement. Melissa makes magic out of anything! If you have a special event you want captured - you absolutely will not regret choosing Melissa to be the one to do it. When her job requires second shooters - they are equally as amazing! I could ramble on and on about just how easy she made our experience - right down to helping time the wedding that we planned 100% on our own - being patient when we were running late for engagement photos - and being certain to capture all of our farm babies - but really all you need to take from this review is that Melissa IS YOUR GIRL - but only if you want magic
— Kate + Brad, August 2018
Simply put, if you are looking for a photographer to capture your engagement and wedding in a natural, authentic, gorgeous, unique way then Melissa is the one for you. Melissa perfectly captured the immense love between my husband and me and showed it to the world in a way I never imagined possible. Melissa is professional, kind, organized, and all the good qualities that an excellent business owner possesses. She is also exciting, fun, witty, and makes being in front of the camera effortlessly wonderful. Thank you, Melissa, for capturing our engagement and wedding day! You are sure to LOVE your photos and cherish them forever if you have Melissa as your photographer! She is the BEST!
— Abby + Brian, June 2018
There are not good enough words to describe how amazing Melissa is. She was kind and professional and just wonderful throughout our whole wedding process. But she was so much more than that. She really took the time to get to know who we were and what our relationship was like, and the photos she takes reflect that. She perfectly captures who we are and what we are feeling at that moment. She truly is a storyteller. And that is just the quality of her photos! If possible she is an even more amazing person! She and her second shooter Alex did everything in their power to make our big day easier and more fun, from adjusting veils and trains to getting us glasses of wine they went above and beyond what I could have hoped for. By the end of the night it felt like we just had a couple of extra friends at the reception who happened to be taking stunning photos. If you want a beyond amazing experience with your photographer and even better photos you need to book Melissa!
— Amy + Ian, June 2018
I’ll start by saying Melissa is a wonderful person, on top of that she has amazing talent. Right away it was easy for my husband and I to know we had chosen the right photographer for us. She was so intrigued to know we were open to being more adventurous (which lead her to this idea of rooftop shots, they turned out beautifully). She recommended some great photo ideas that turned out absolutely stunning but she also made sure to capture what was most important to my husband and I. She really can handle any situation that comes her way, seeing that our wedding party couldn’t resist singing and dancing during our group photos. Let’s just say, she turned that situation into some of the best photos I’ve ever seen. She captured genuine love and laughter between us and the ones we love most. Our photos truly take us back to those moments as if we were there all over again. I highly recommend Melissa Cervantes Photography to anyone that is looking to capture special moments that they want to last forever.
— Chantelle + Isaiah, March 2017
To say Melissa is amazing is a serious understatement, not just as a photographer but as a person!! After seeing Melissa’s website and some of the photos she had taken we knew she was the photographer we wanted for our special day. Little did we know that she would not just take amazing photos she would capture EVERY special moment and detail, from the pouring rain and dark skies that started our special day off, to the take your breathe away moment when my daughter burst into tears of joy upon seeing me & her soon-to-be Stepdad after we just had our first look. Melissa doesn’t just take photos, she captured the feeling and emotion of the day. Her creativity with not just the photos she took but also her use of the venue/grounds made our photos look like something out of a magazine.
— Jess + Nathan, September 2016
I was so impressed with Melissa’s service. She was energetic, flexible, creative, innovative and gracious as she worked with me on my wedding day. From riding in a horse carriage, to crossing over to cornfields and hay, she was a trooper. She exhibited such grace and insight as she helped create each scene and background. Melissa had an amazing attitude and a fresh perspective of how to convey our story. I would definitely recommend Melissa to capture your most precious moments.
— Gabriella + Tom, September 2016
There is so much I would like to say but I’ll try keep it short. Melissa was an absolutely amazing person to work with. She knew getting family portraits and portraits of me and my husband were super important to me and made that a focus and let me just say that they turned out more perfect than I could have ever imagined. I received the pictures the day we got back from our honeymoon and what a perfect ending to a great trip. She went above and beyond with everything she did that day and focused on making sure I was comfortable (giving me her shoes because my feet hurt so bad). She made us feel very comfortable and there were times we couldn’t stop laughing. She played such an important role on our special day and I can’t thank her enough for how amazing it turned out, we have so many great pictures to choose from it’s going to be a tough choice to decide which to pick, and she had so many creative ideas! I HIGHLY recommend Melissa Cervantes Photography to capture anyone’s special moments.
— Kelsie + Skylar, June 2016
I don’t even know where to begin with my experience with Melissa! I will just describe the entire process from start to finish. When I first booked with Melissa she was so kind to come and meet me at a coffee shop in my hometown to discuss details together! That was a big help with determining what time of the day different pictures should be taken. I was impressed by how she took the time to get to know me personally as well. I choose the double photographer package and recommend that to everyone! It allowed us more time to get ready separately that morning and my husband enjoyed having a male photographer take their pictures because there was less of an awkward factor. (The second photographer was her husband. They worked so well together!) Throughout the day we we began to fall behind schedule so I started to get worried but Melissa was quick to keep me cool, calm, and collected. She has a special touch for that!I had put together a list of all the special details I wanted to be documented throughout the day and they didn’t miss one thing on the list! I did not have to stress at all whether or not the right pictures were being taken. They rocked it! Literally every detail of the wedding was captured in such an organic and natural way. I love how my pictures don’t look fake. 

Then to top it all off, our pictures came in the cutest little gift package ever! Now the only problem is that I am faced with the decision of choosing from hundreds of amazinggggg pictures! I think I will rotate new ones on my wall every year!
— Paige + Kenneth, July 2016
I’ve waited 5 months to write this review because I literally don’t even know where to begin. When I booked Melissa for our wedding, I knew she was good...but I have to say I was completely BLOWN. AWAY by our photos. You’d think on your wedding day, it would be easy to stare into each other’s eyes or whisper sweet nothings while a photographer captures every moment, but as the time drew near, I began to feel awkward about someone being a part of such intimate moments between my future husband and I . Melissa turned a potentially uncomfortable situation into the most natural photography session I’ve ever had—not only did she know how to capture the perfect moments, but she did whatever necessary to get the shot (i.e. pulling up her dress slacks to get ankle deep in muddy water or sweating her butt off in the July 4th heat taking pictures for hours without a single complaint). I am forever indebted to Melissa and TJ for the beautiful images captured on one of the most important days of my lfie and I would recommend her to anyone, for any occasion. God has truly blessed this woman with incredible talent and she deserves to be recognized more than I can put into words. Thank you, Melissa and TJ. We love you and are so happy we chose you to be a part of the best day ever.
— Kailee + Josh, July 2015